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Simon doing splits and explaining how he cured himself from sciatica , knee, back, shoulder & hip problems & pain

  • After 30 years in the world of fitness, from the British Airborne, then through intense studies of  Indian and Western Yoga from respected teachers. Then learning the Indian science of breathing (Pranayama) from the revered master Tiwariji and Dutch maverick and pioneer Wim Hof. Nutrition courses and anatomy studies and years in and out the gym with weight and cross-fit training.
  • Then whilst at the peak of physical condition, I had my world ROCKED with crippling, disabling sciatica.


  • As an artist, I went to my drawing board and drew from my accumulated knowledge from some of the best teachers in the world, I have had the honour, the spare time and privilege of learning from and devised a system consisting of series of poses and a mindset to realign my body.


  • The result was my sciatica went in weeks and is completely cured to this day and inadvertently also the injuries and pain I had learnt to live with and accept as mere old age wear & tear - shoulder, knees, hip and lower-back-  TRULY AMAZING.
  • I am now 52 years old and feel in the best shape of my life - since I was a pain and injury-free teenage 


  • It is as if, my body and its flexibility have been re-booted so to speak and the feeling gets better and better with each simple session.


  • I call what I discovered Freedom Through Flexibility because it gave me the freedom that doctors and their drugs, chiropractors with their clicks, acupuncturists with their needles, massage therapists could not!


  • I will share with you how I learned to quieten my disbelieving, limiting, fearful mind with the breath.                               
  • Then with easy to follow physical poses that will target and isolate then relax the muscles which are causing your problems, which in turn will free the tension and reset years of bad posture, body alignment and lead to a pain-free flexible future.


  • My hope is that you benefit from this course of techniques in positive, life-changing ways that I did and regain your former supple self, feeling younger, unstressed and able to move as you wish.
  • All the best Simon James Walton - Founder -Freedom Through Flexibility.

What People Have To Say.

Simon has written an amazing and very holistic book. It covers his unusual and impressive life story and all the valuable truths and physical exercises he has learned along the way. I have incorporated one of the breathing techniques into my busy daily life with absolutely no effort at all and I do believe it’s having a positive effect. I definitely think that time spent on this book is time well spent as you will be investing in your health and your future. Thanks for writing this book, Simon.
Deborah Lamb
Debbie Lamb
Debbie Lamb Debbie Lamb Consultant
I met Simon a few years back playing golf and was telling him my various problems rotator cuff type 2 , carpel tunnel fluid on my knee and nerve damage.
Being as sporty as I am I just couldn’t stop so following Simon’s techniques I literally got my life back.
I was amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the program and continue to this day, it’s even allowed me to get back to playing semi professional football in Asia.Steven Turpin
Highly recommend just believe and breathe .
Steve 40 yrs
Steve Turpin Steve Turpin Fitness Model
I had sciatica for over 5 years, doctors, chiropractors and the local hospital (where I was rushed to three times in AGONY) could only TEMPORALLY  MASK the pain- within TWO WEEKS doing the poses for 30 minutes I felt 90% better- now it’s like I’m 15 again – MAGIC!
Julian Smith
Julian Smith Self-Employed Landscape Gardener
I am in my 70’s- I had accepted  my bad back, sciatica and stiff knees as just getting old- my son shared with me what he has learned from his years of travelling and studying with me a few years back and I CANNOT believe the changes in my body- I AM SO, SO PROUD of my son and what he has done for me and so many others.
B. Walton
Mrs Walton Mother/Mum/Mom of Founder
My shoulders, upper and lower back were really hard to move after years in the gym. After 3 sessions with Simon’s postures ONLY 30 minutes I feel like I have a new back and my shoulders are great for my golf game now- THANK YOU SIMON
Kai Khuagaroend
Kai Khugareond Owner- Chaweng Cabana Grand View

Kai's Short Story


My name is Kai Khuygareond I own a resort in Koh Samui, I  met Simon when he was staying at my resort- I saw him exercising most evenings near his bungalow and asked him what he was doing.
I have had very bad shoulders from a football injury I had in Washington DC when I was there at college, then from years in the gym a stiff back that I just kind of accepted as wear and tear.
After hearing Simon's story I "tried" his poses and techniques and you can see from the photos THEY WORK! This was only 15 minutes or so each session. I now do these three times a week and it freed up my back and now after a few months, my shoulder pain has "vanished" WEIRD but true! 
A side note, as I can now fully move my shoulders my golf swing is looking more and more like Rory's everyday! 





Kai Session One
Kai Session three WOW!

Take Our Simple, Yet Highly Effective 

4 Step Path To A Pain-Free and Flexible Future

Step 1

Read The Book

Understand the lessons and WHY you NEED to CHANGE

Step 2

Do The Work 


15 mins- 4 times a week or just 30 mins- 2 times a week


Step 3 

Trust The Breath!

Learn The Simple Yet Highly Effective Technique To By-Pass

Your Limiting Mind And Release Your Tension & Cure Your Pain. 

Step 4

It Works For You, Or 

 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Or Your Money Back


Benefits of freedom through flexibility course

 Overview and Benefits Of The Full Course

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        What Could Happen If  Do Not Take This Course And Fix Your Problem In Another Way?

  •    Ongoing visits to your GP, Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Surgeon
  •    Continual need for pain-killers and muscle relaxing drugs that have side effects on your body
  •    Continual bouts of agonising muscle pain- shooting spasms or just feeling stiff, achy and lethargic.
  •    Ongoing aches, pains, stiffness and just "not as flexible as I used to be!"
  •    Poor posture & bad body alignment which leads to pain and a general sense of not feeling right somewhere in                             your body and putting it down to old age and wear and tear.
  •   Days and weeks off work or worse family events- because of your pain.
  •  Hundreds, potentially THOUSANDS spent from either ongoing 'treatments' from physios, chiropractors,                                      massage or reiki therapists, doctors or the long term worst-case scenario - The Surgeon with his scapels                                          or friendly named, trendy titanium rods to 'support' your back, knee or hip!                                                                                                                                       THAT TOGETHER WE COULD HAVE NIPPED IN THE BUD



What You Will Get From This Course

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  •    Learn to control and bypass the limiting, disbelieving, negative chatter of the mind
  •    Learn to intelligently isolate and relax the parts of your body that are creating your pain,
  •    Which will, allow the muscles to release the built up, deeply hidden tension and create a pain-free you.
  •    Learn a total of 20 poses - 4 Legs, 4 Hips, 4 Shoulders, 3 Back, 4 Sciatica, 4 Relaxation         
      These poses will realign your body, release the built up tension, improve your posture and overall feeling of well-being
  •    Over 2 hours of video- introducing the course, controlling the mind & breathing and the poses

So The Choice is YOURS 

Follow The Simple Yet Highly Effective Path To Your Flexible Future 


(Understand The YOUR Reasons WHY You NEED To CHANGE)


( 15 mins -4 times or 30 mins -2 times a week 100% NEW-YOU TIME)


I'm 100% Confident In These Tried and Tested TIME HONOURED Methods
Hand On Heart, To God- I am LIVING PROOF They Work.
If You HONESTLY Have Done The Work and Just Do Not Feel It Is For You 
No Stress, No Worries, Hakuna Mettata, It's All Good
I OFFER a 100% Money Back Guarantee 

I Stand By My 30 Years Of Learning From Some Of The Greatest Teachers 
And Feel If You Read The Book, Treat Your Body With Respect
I Know It Will Work and Transform You Too. 


(HAPPY DAYS! Celebrate and Tell Your Family, Tell Your Friends, Say Goodbye To Your Doctor and The Drugs and Any Future Operations They May Offer You As They Did Me!)

Again my name is Simon Walton
Inspired by the desperation of a crippling bout of sciatica, I drew from the learning bank of 30 years learning from some of the greatest teachers in the world of physical education and devised this proven method using time honoured techniques to help cure your pain.
I KNOW it works as long as you commit the small amount of time each week needed cure transform years of pain, you are respectful of your limits and follow my simple and easy to follow instructions.
I invite you to transform your achy, painful, stiff, out of alignment body today with the 
Freedom Through Flexibility 4 Step Path To A Flexible Future Method 
Complete With My No Worries, 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

60 day seal 100% satisfaction guarantee

for only $99 



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