About Freedom Through Flexibility.

After 30 years in the world of fitness, from The British Airborne, then through Indian and Western Yoga, in and out the gym, nutrition courses and anatomy studies – I had my world ROCKED with crippling, disabling sciatica!
As an artist I went to my drawing board and drew from my accumulated knowledge from some of the best teachers in the world I have had the honour, the spare time and privilege of learning from and devised a series of poses and a mindset to re-align my body.
The result was my sciatica went in weeks, completely cured to this day and inadvertently also the injuries and pain I had learnt to live with and accept as mere old age wear & tear – shoulder, knees, hip and lower-back!  TRULY AMAZING!
I am now 52 years old and feel in the best shape of my life – since I was a pain and injury free teenager!  It is like my body and its flexibility has been re-booted so to speak and the feeling gets better and better with each simple session!
I call what I discovered Freedom Through Flexibility because it gave me the freedom that doctors and their drugs, chiropractors with their clicks, acupuncturists with their needles, massage therapists could not!
I will share with you how I learned to quieten my disbelieving, limiting, fearful mind with the breath! Then with easy to follow physical poses that will target and relax the muscles which are causing your problems, which in turn will free the tension and reset years of bad posture, body alignment and lead to a pain-free flexible future.
My hope is that you benefit from this course of techniques in positive, life changing ways that I did and regain your former supple self, feeling younger, unstressed and able to move as you wish!
All the best Simon James Walton – Founder -Freedom Through Flexibility.