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To learn the simple yet effective techniques I used to cure initially my sciatica, then my bad lower back pain that had bugged me for years, my torn knees, bad shoulder and locked left hip.
In this FREE introduction to Freedom Through Flexibility, you will receive the 30 page eBook - with chapters explaining
  • Whats In It For You- What you'll get out of the course
  • Why You Should Trust Me - my training
  • The Limiting Mind- and how we can bypass it and control it
  • The Breath- and how to use it to take back control of OUR body
  • Releases- here I explain why 'stretching' is not the optimal method to release tension in the muscles! 
  • 5 Poses/Exercises - to target key area of our bodies where we hold tension
  • 2 Great Relaxation poses- fantastic to restore and completely relax us
Then over the next few days, you will receive 2 video classes of the exercises with me showing you exactly how to perform the poses safely and easily.
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Sign Up For Your Free Video Lesson and Freedom Through Flexibility Intro Course eBook